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Video Art and Photography

Hernando Urrutia


18 a 21 de May | 21:00 pm to 00.00h pm | Chapel of Santo António

LOOK AT YOU after the WAR / xquisitecorpse

It is an in situ audiovisual intervention from video mapping, with an experimental approach to the terrible reality of violence in war, from planning, intervention and destruction, an evil that produces death, destruction and desolation. It shows war as a means to dominate and exterminate other individuals in the world.

This project is developed from digital creations as an expression of language, which has its transformation from a chaotic system of destruction that is war in the world, to a true evolutionary system of regeneration of life and peace in the world.

Hernando 's work Urrutia, multidisciplinary artist, researcher, designer, composer, musician, curator, teacher and cultural manager, of Portuguese nationality.

Mariana Pita


18 a 21 de May | 10:00 am | Village Streets

"Mysterious World"

This photograph was taken for a final project of an IPF discipline during the pandemic; where I made a set of self-portraits in the Serra do Fanal, in Madeira, where I show the beauty of nature with the connection of the human being.

Photo by Mariana Pita, independent photographer, born in Ponta do Sol. Graduated in Photography by IPF - Portuguese Institute of Photography.