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Benjamin Clementine

Benjamin Clementine grew up in northern mythical London but moved to the French capital where he lived his adolescence as a homeless man.

However, the small bar performances helped him become an important figure in the music and art scene, returning to London where he made his BBC debut on Jools Hooland's "Later" show in 2013.

The demanding critic has welcomed with open arms the man described as owner of a rare intelligence, an excellent pianist, with deep musicality and charisma on stage, but finds some difficulties in classifying his musical genre. His vocal range, ability and diction, despite this lack of definition, have been compared to that of Nina Simone, Antony Hegarty, and his intense singing style has approximated Edith Piaf.

His compositions are musically vigorous and attune to life's problems mixed with a poetic revolt, full of love and melancholy, where he comes to declaim rhymed or monolithic verses in prose. Benjamin breaks with the traditional musical structure to invent a way to present himself with drama and innovation. It is your brand image wearing a shirt or open woolen coat and bare feet.

The Concert

Benjamin Clementine, who debuted in Portugal at Super Bock Super Rock in 2015, has frequently visited our country, where this year will give eight concerts.

In his repertoire, we find the albums "At Least For Now", through which he became known to the general public and won the mercury Prize and the most recent "I Tell a Fly", which should be mostly explored at Ponta do Sol.