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The DakhaBrakha are the elements of a quartet formed in Ukraine that is titled as "world music band".

They combine various musical styles from different ethnic groups, accompanied on the stage of traditional instruments from different geography’s having as a result a unique different sound.

The meaning of the name is the infinite of the verbs "to give" and "to receive", in which it is a project of the Center of Contemporary Art DAKh.

Members of the DakhaBrakha participate in the Center's other projects, notably in the female Dakh Daughters cabaret.

The Concert

The DakhaBrakha arrive at Ponta do Sol from Chicago and Portland, the United States of America and Esolvénia, where they perform a week before Aqui_acolá.

They arrive with "The Road," the album they've been doing on the road for the last few months, dedicated to the less good times their country is going through in the recent past.

Known for the immense variety of instruments they use on stage, we find in their sonority elements of modern soul as well as traditional Ukrainian melodies. Wherever they go they have concerts with performances that are cenically strong.