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Oscar C

Saturday | 28th of May | 00.40h - 03.00 | Stage Largo do Pelourinho | Outdoor

Passionate about electronic music for many years, Oscar C started sharing his music in a bar in Funchal in 2007. The quality of his sets stood out right away.
Over the years, he received several invitations to perform at private parties, after parties, and various staple venues in the Madeiran nightlife, such as Mini Eco Bar, Barreirinha Bar Café, Garden, Living Room, DTox, among others.
His eclectic selection, his presence, performance and DJ style always pleasantly surprise the audience as he has truly refined his technique within the Chill out, Deep House, Melodic House, Organic House and Progressive house vibe.


The 1/2 Esquadria Project

Friday | 27th | 01.00h - 03.00 | Stage Largo do Pelourinho | Outdoor

The ½ Esquadria is a unique project made in Madeira that mixes a DJ set, a live guitar act, and a video art performance. These three artists present a fusion of the best deep house, post-rock, and live visual effects.
Nuno Marcial has lived between Brazil and Portugal, and stands out because of the rare sound of his DJ sets in many well known clubs in Brazil. He is recognized by the most refined audience in the city of São Paulo, as one of the most enjoyable Soulful and Deep House DJs.
Bruno Lucas is one of the most versatile and alternative rock guitarists on the island. Trained at the conservatory of music, he has been in several projects and bands in Portugal and in London. In 2016 he created Inner Monster with Experimental Metal sounds. He is also responsible for the soundtrack of a play by Ahau Marionetas. His latest original project is called Tin Can Man, which is a fusion between ambient, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, post- punk and gothic rock.
Born in Lisbon, Mário Lopes is a well-known visual artist who choses to live on Madeira Island over the past years. He has presented works in venues such as Misty Fest Sintra, Pavilhão de Portugal in Lisbon among many others. He founded projects like Glitch Visuals Artists and Visual Sound View.