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Friday | 27th of May | 20.00h | Stage Largo do Pelourinho | Outdoor

Diana Duarte was born in Lisbon, but after having lived in Setúbal, Porto Santo, Madeira, Glasgow and London, she is a self proclaimed nomad. In all the places she has been, she collects experiences and incorporates them into her work, as she interweaves her two passions, singing & acting, in perfect harmony through her intimate relationship with Jazz.

Diana's most personal work is her original project “Flor", with which she has performed in many festivals and concert halls, is certainly one of the most interesting projects performed throughout Madeira.

In this show, she presents her original album Amura, whereby she will share the stage with other local artists such as: Pedro Temtem (vibraphone), Ricardo Dias (double bass), and Luis Daio (movement)

The artist describes her work as a "sound garden" where she explores creativity, minimalism, and detachment. She has performed in several festivals such as: "UmSoFar Sounds", "Termómetro" and is currently on a small national tour