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Linda Martini

Friday | 27th of May | 21.30h | Avenida 1º Maio | Outdoor

Linda Martini is one of the most relevant and influential rock bands in Portuguese music.The band was formed in 2003 and with each body of work, they continually captivate the attention of more and more critics, promoters, and public.

They have a constant presence is in the media and in the most relevant festivals and events, as they continue to perform in clubs and other small venues, as they constantly reinvent the memory of their origins.

In early 2020, they began composing their sixth album. However due to the emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic, the recording was postponed, giving time and space for the present moment to infiltrate their songwriting.

In 2022, "Errôr", the band's long-awaited new album, produced by Santi Garcia and which features 12 new songs (three of which were unveiled during 2021: “E não sobrou ninguém”, “Horário de Verão” e “Taxonomia”). "Errôr" speaks of uncertainty and mistakes and how we find a way forward. This lush and heavy record, in which the group, once again, explores the limits of themselves as they rediscover themselves, both in the instrumentation and in the lyrics, which speak of today and of us all.

At the festival they will present a repertoire that focuses on their new songs and on their classics. They present a renewed image, with scenography and visual elements that promise to fully immerse the spectators even more in this meandering journey.