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Mayra Andrade

Mayra Andrade

Mayra Andrade is originally from Santiago’s Island, but spent her childhood in Senegal, Angola, Germany, despite having chosen romantic Paris to live in 2003. It was there that she launched herself in one of the most renowned artists discovery bars in world music, the Satellite Cafe.

She won a gold medal in the games of the Francophonie in Canada, at age of 16, with a Creole song. From there until now she has been in a endless number of presentations.

She moved to Lisbon three years ago and has won a richer curriculum. She has already performed with Cesária Évora, Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso and Charles Aznavour.

The Concert

Mayra won the 2008 BBC Radio 3 World Music Award in the Revelation category and eleven years later lands in Madeira for the most eclectic festival in the Region. It brings "Manga", her last album, released already this year.

In this new album (Manga), the Cape Verdean heat is felt through the sound that mixes its Cape Verde roots with the modernity of afrobeat and the more urban sound with Romain Bilharze's production of four other albums, that have conquered the world since 2006.