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Tcheka & Mário Laginha

Saturday | 28th of May | 21.30h | Avenida 1º de Maio | Outdoor

As one of the great names of Cape Verde, Tcheka, joins one of our great Portuguese pianists, Mário Laginha, in a unique and improbable concert which offers a fresh fusion of Cape Verdean music with the best national jazz.

Tcheka is a leading figure in Cape Verdean music. Born on Santiago Island, he has created a unique style that exemplifies the influences he has absorbed on a global scale. His music flows naturally, resisting easy categorization, while giving references to several musical genres from Cape Verde, African jazz, folk, blues and rock.

Mário Laginha is one of the Portuguese names with the greatest international recognition. He is a well known favorite on the main European jazz festival circuit. Considered a genius in his art by the specialized press, he has articulated a strong musical personality with an immense desire to share his art with other musicians and creators.

His collaborative work with Maria João resulted in one of the most consistently original projects in Portuguese music. Together they produced more than a dozen records and many hundreds of concerts in venues and festivals all over the world.

Tcheka and Mário Laginha form a musical duo based on friendship and mutual respect for each other's music. In this anticipated concert, they bring together several genres and influences while presenting a repertoire of original compositions with melodies that combine guitar, piano, and voice.

For Mário Laginha, making music is above all an act of sharing and he has always done so with strong musical personalities from the most distinct backgrounds. Tcheka is one of the artists that transports him to another musical universe, and challenges him to reinvent himself as a musician.