Festival Aqui Acolá

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Literature - Leda Pestana

Friday | May 31 | 11.30h to 12:30h


Leda Pestana is a Storyteller that through the word and oral narration takes us on a journey through the enchanted world of legends and stories. With her vast experience in Storytelling, she captivates all types of audience, not limiting the pleasure of listening and telling.

With the animation, her sessions go a little beyond the simple narrative, exploring the imagination and participation of the public and the human side of the stories. She has developed her activity in the field of oral narration throughout the country, working in libraries, schools, cultural events and book fairs, having also participated in some national and international short stories festivals.

Leda Pestana brings to the Festival Aqui Acolá the stimulus to reading and aims to awaken the interest of the public present to the world of literature and culture through tales and legends.

In the year in which the 600th anniversary of the Madeira Discovery is celebrated, the legends of our island and in particular the legends of Ponta do Sol will be addressed.

Their storytelling sessions aim to create a magical, dynamic and engaging environment, providing the public the opportunity to enjoy a journey through words, feelings and emotions.