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«The fluidity of rhythm»

9th to 12th of May | 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. | Santo António Chapel

The multimedia exhibition «The fluidity of rhythm» contains three works in videos and refers to impossible dances and bright noises.

The audiovisual cycle begins with Leonardo Neves' short Bible, "Genesis". From the outskirts, a girl with a contained madness makes strange gestures. Meanwhile, and after a sensual encounter in the forest, everything is subversive and the chaotic fire becomes master and lover of the visible.

In Kamila Královà's second work, Movements, somatic imagination and pulses come hand in hand. The unconscious focuses on the expansion of the body, creating impulses that extinguish conventional dance or, rather, reality. The mimic of the artist's face and the scenic everyday have an extraordinary weight, which sharply reinforces the performance.

The last piece, "Vô Lượng", by Lenka Tâm Nguyễn and Natálie Sedlačkovà - whose name is a Buddhist concept meaning: unlimited, infinite and immeasurable - is inspired by the Buddhistic prayer Chú Đại Bi, because it speaks of compassion and mercy. The music is by Masew and Khoi Vu, in which they combine the Vietnamese folk tradition with the most current electronic rhythms. In fact, this work is an ethnographic symbiosis between the actions of Lenka Tâm in the spiritual proscenies. In visual sync with sound, they circulate through the forest and the urban environment, in a river of harmony, ecology and nature.

The Multimedia Exhibition is curated by Pau Pascual, director of the Bachelor of Visual Arts and PhD professor in the Department of Art and Design-FAH, at the University of Madeira (UMa).