Festival Aqui Acolá

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Traditional and Popular Entertainment

Church Animation Group

Thursday | 26th of May | 18.30h to 19:30h | Ruas da Vila

The Aqui-Acolá Festival is a festival that promotes and preserves traditional Madeiran culture, putting emphasis on the popular carols of Ponta do Sol. It's the celebration of traditional popular culture on it's highest state.

Take a moment to remember ,or if it's the first time, to listen and enjoy one of the most beautiful traditional carols of Madeira, and don't be afraid to put your voice to the test while singing along.

At the peak of this entertainment, we can't forget about the carols of the Holy Spirit with "saloias" from every church of Ponta do Sol dressed in all diligence as tradition states .


Saloias Spectacle

Thursday | 26th of May | 17.30h to 18:30h | Churchyard