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(Des)conexão - ANIMAballet

(Des)conexão - ANIMAballe

12th of May | 2:45 p.m. | John dos Passos Cultural Center

The ANIMAballet – Young Company of the Funchal Dance School is composed of young performers (still in training) with the aptitude and desire to pursue an artistic career in dance. The work of the company is equated, as far as possible, with the professional universe of the dance area, whose choreographic base goes through the technique of classical and contemporary dance.

At the Company, these young dancers have the opportunity to work with active dancer and choreographers in the middle, young coreographers at the beginning of their career, and to develop their technical, artistic and expressive abilities, preparing them for the professional world in the field of dance, as dancers, performers and creators.

Salut (Olá. adeus. saúde? A quê?) - ANIMAballet


12th of May | 3:25 p.m. | John dos Passos Cultural Center


This piece uses as inspiration the story of HHS Discovery and its need to survive for months, isolated and not knowing if they would ever be saved. They survived, together.

How? Making funny dances and theatre plays, laughing, laughter a lot. Isolated, but they came to know each other better than anyone else, they kept their humanity even when madness seemed the only option, but what about us? Today? Isn't that what we do every day?

Survive? How? Who knows. Who you are when you're alone, who you are as you are accompanied, what you think of others when they're not there, how you think they think of you. Is this a completely serious thing or is it a comedy? Is it about fighting for more or appreciating what you have? How can we celebrate if in the end there is no meaning?

Boring times or party times, nobody knows, but we can dance in the mystery.