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Literatura - Rui Zink

Literature - Rui Zink

Thursday | 9th of May | 10:30 a.m. | John dos Passos Cultural Center

Rui Zink was born in Lisbon in 1961. In addition to being a writer and university professor, he is the author of a diverse work, from the novel to the comic book, going through the essay or children's literature, published titles such as Hotel Lusitano (1986), Apocalipse Nau (1996), O Suplente (2000), O Anibaleitor (2011), Manual do Bom Fascista (2019) and O Avô tem uma borracha na cabeça (2020).

His work has been translated into several languages, such as English, German, Romanian, Hebrew or Bengali, and has been distinguished within and outside Portugal, with the P.E.N. Club Português de Novelística, for the novel Dádiva Divina, in 2004, or the Utopiales Prize for best foreign novel, with the French edition of A instalação do medo, in 2017.

Rui Zink will be the guest writer for the opening session of Aqui Acolá Festival.