Festival Aqui Acolá

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Friday | 10th of May | 10 p.m. | Stage Avenida 1º Maio | Outdoor

The band Moonspell presents the show 'Soombra' at the Festival Aqui Acolá. In addition to the usual five musicians, on stage, with a design specially created for this tour, the string trio ´Magnetic Strings’ and two singers will join, enhancing a night where not only the acoustic purity of the music of this ensemble will be heard, but also several stories of the band will be told, in a lively and intimate atmosphere with the audience.

The show 'Soombra' is an exercise in simplicity, allowing the listener to connect with the melodic authenticity of a theme and facilitating the journey to the core of the song, to its purest and most stripped-down interior.

With a repertoire that includes surprising versions of their classics, along with new songs and experiences that are the band's trademark, the group takes their music to other dimensions and, as usual, meets their loyal audience in a unique, exclusive, and immersive experience.

A unique, captivating concert with ten musicians on stage and a visual production exclusive to this tour.