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The Legendary Tigerman

The Legendary Tigerman

Friday | 10th of May | 11:30 p.m. | Stage Largo do Pelourinho | Outdoor

The Legendary Tigerman promises to bring to Aqui Acolá Festival a vibrant, unique concert with sounds somewhere between dance music and punk. The artist will be on stage to present his new album ‘Zeitgeist’.

With a solid career, characterized by the reinvention of genres such as Blues, Rock, or Garage Rock, he always inserts a punk vein.

The success of The Legendary Tigerman transcends the borders of Portugal, the fruit of tours in various countries of Europe, Asia and Latin America. Focused on being a catalyst for unique and authentic music, this artist is one of the leading names of European Rock n’ Roll, renewing himself with every record with creativity and innovation.